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MEL Coding bundle

MEL Coding bundle

Choose the number of adventures in your bundle:

Hands-on screen-free coding

Guide your kids through the basics of computer programming and computational thinking with hands-on experience.

Engaging STEM games

STEM games offer a delightful way to practice math and coding skills. Montessori-approved.

Learning through stories

Let your kids explore everything from space to dinosaurs with captivating storybooks and maps.

Everything you need in one bundle

A screen-free computer, books, story map, coding blocks, 3D puzzles, and STEM games.

Designed by experts

We have collaborated with Judy Quintero, a leader in the field of screen-free coding, to bring many of her in-class activities to the comfort of your home.

Safe for kids

All the materials in the bundles are recyclable, environmentally-friendly, and made from sustainably sourced materials.

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